Microsoft is working on the next version of Windows 10 for late 2019

Microsoft has begun work on the next big update for Windows 10 which will be deployed later this year, as opposed to the current preview 19H1 version which is due to be pushed out in the first half of the year as the name suggests (probably around April).

WZor (a source of many previous Windows leaks) on Twitter has revealed the existence of Windows 10 Build 18823 for 19H2, meaning the second half of the year.

There’s no information on what this build currently contains, but assuming the leak is genuine, it does let us know that Microsoft is already testing 19H2. It also indicates that ‘skip ahead’ testers might be given the opportunity to begin playing around with the next version of Windows 10 sooner than might be expected.

That’s just guesswork, of course, but Microsoft does usually begin initial testing on the next build before the current one starts to roll out.

Bug bash

As for Windows 10 19H1, the ‘bug bash’ for that should soon begin, meaning work will switch to focus on fixing any gremlins in the works rather than adding new features.

Mind you, talk of rolling out 19H1 might seem somewhat premature given that the October 2018 Update has only just begun a full (phased) rollout again, and likely still isn’t on all that many Windows 10 PCs (in fact, it was only on a small minority of Windows 10 machines going by the most recent figures we saw).

Obviously Microsoft needs the deployment of this next update to go much more smoothly, to prove that the machine learning and AI technology it has been talking up as being a major improvement for the whole process actually works.

 Via Windows Latest

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