Massive Samsung Galaxy View 2 tablet could be in the works

Samsung Galaxy View 2

Samsung is reportedly working on a follow-up to a product that was thought to have been all but lost to obscurity: the Samsung Galaxy View. Android Police cites anonymous sources claiming that a slightly smaller, 17.5-inch Samsung Galaxy View 2 tablet is in development.

According to Android Police’s sources, this new Galaxy View 2 is designed to be more compact and practical. To that end, the tablet is expected to charge via USB-C and employ a ‘book-style’ hinge as a stand rather than that giant handle that bended out of the first version (seen above).

The outlet’s sources go on to say that the tablet will be available in two positions: one that will allow users to interact with the tablet like a drafting board at about a 30 degree angle; and another that will serve as a stand for the tablet to be used for watching video primarily. The pieces won’t be removable, according to Android Police’s sources.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

Android Police’s sources say that this Galaxy View 2 will use a Samsung-made Exynos processor just like the original product and feature a similar FHD (1,920 x 1,080), 17.5-inch touchscreen. The tablet will also house 3GB of memory and will run on the Android Oreo operating system (OS) with a custom Samsung skin over it.

It’s been said that the tablet will not support Samsung’s DeX OS overlay that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 brings to the table, though it will feature a microSD slot for expanded storage.

Sources say that it will be sold at least in part via AT&T in the US and, given its design and hardware inside, will be marketed as a kitchen or backyard TV, likely with DirecTV bundles considering the carrier’s involvement. No release date or pricing has been leaked yet by sources, but the previous model launched in October of 2015.

Will Samsung’s massive Android display be a proper one-up to Google’s smart displays and Amazon Echo Show? Perhaps we’ll find out in October.

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