Marvel's Midnight Suns brings Xcom tactics to a comic book RPG

marvel midnight suns characters line up
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If Marvel’s Avengers and Ultimate Alliance have yet to sate your appetite for comic book action, the newly announced Marvel's Midnight Suns might be right up your street – particularly if you’re a fan of strategy games.

From the makers of the Xcom series, Firaxis, Marvel's Midnight Suns will bring together tactical action as well as RPG mechanics in a whole new story set in the Marvel universe.

Revealed via a cinematic trailer at Gamescom 2021’s Opening Night Live, it showed familiar heroes like Wolverine, Blade and Iron Man battling alongside an all-new character, The Hunter.

The Hunter was invented specifically for the game by Firaxis in conjunction with the creative team at Marvel, and will be the player’s conduit into interacting with the more familiar faces from the Marvel universe as they take on Lilith, the “ultimate evil” of the game’s world.

A marvellous surprise

With no gameplay revealed (that’s set to come on September 1st), we’ve only got a few words from the developers on what to expect from the game. Firaxis's Jake Solomon described it as a “tactical RPG”, and emphasis was put on players’ relationships with the stars of the Marvel universe, which will have just as much of a bearing on the outcome of the game as the items you collect along the way.

Beyond that, we’re left guessing a bit – Firaxis has made its name with turn-based combat, so we’d assume that’ll be woven in with RPG elements. It’s a great great developer given the reins to a great license, and the idea to cast a whole new, game-specific hero for players to take command of is a wise one for those keen to build their own stories in this world.

Marvel's Midnight Suns hits Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC (via Steam and the Epic Game Store), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in March 2022.

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