Love your 3D films? Then sign this petition to TV manufacturers dumping 3D TVs

If you traipsed through the halls of CES 2017 staring at the walls of television screens bearing the year's hottest visual delights, you'd be forgiven for thinking little beyond the standard progression of display tech had taken place. 

However, this year's CES saw an AV casualty, one that fell under the radar slightly - 3D TV. Not one of the main TV manufacturers was touting a 3D-focused set, let alone even bothering to include the tech as simply an additional feature of their flagship televisions. For a technology that was pushed so heavily just a few years ago, it had fallen completely out of favor.

But, contrary to the Las Vegas trends, it still has its fans - and vocal ones at that. A petition has been created in an attempt to turn the tide, and it's already attracted thousands of signatures.

Active not passive power to the people

The petition (which has attracted close to 4,000 supporters at the time of writing) specifically calls to LG, whose passive 3D 4K screens are considered by many the best way to consume 3D at home, to create at least one single 3D-enabled OLED set for 2018.

"Some people have built up libraries of literally hundreds of 3D Blu-rays which they will no longer be able to play in 3D," said 3D TV fan Nicolas Bryant, who signed the petition and brought it to our attention.

"This is nothing like people who bought movies on laserdisc or HD DVD - it's not just a question of not being able to play the discs - and needing to replace them with a different format - it's about losing the ability to view movies in 3D at all.

"If you want to know how 3D fans feel, imagine that the entire industry simply abolished surround sound, or abolished high definition."

3D cinema continues to be big business, with practically all of 2016's blockbuster releases, from Star Wars: Rogue One through to the Jungle Book, released in 3D. So the content continues to trickle in. 

And if LG managed to convert just a quarter of those signatories into buyers of a premium 3D OLED TV, that'd make for a relatively successful screen.

Want to show your support for the under-fire 3D format? You can find the petition here.

Gerald Lynch

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