LG's new 4K CineBeam projectors finally fix their biggest issue

The LG Cinebeam HU715Q showing a beach view in a bright room
(Image credit: LG)

LG’s latest CineBeam 4K projectors are here, and they could finally convince cinephiles to opt for a projector over a TV.

That’s because, alongside the crisp 4K and massive picture these projectors are said to produce, their ability to combat other light sources should make them much easier to add to your current home cinema setup (via Engadget).

Typically, projectors require you to place them in a windowless home cinema room or install blackout curtains if you want to use them while the sun is up. Otherwise, the light bleeding in from outside spoils the image - often making it near impossible to decipher what is being shown to you.

LG is hoping to change that with its new HU710P and HU715Q 4K CineBeam projectors.

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The ultra-short-throw laser projector, the HU715Q, will likely be your best choice. For starters, it offers a max brightness of 2,500 lumens - and as a UST projector, the light has less far to travel before hitting the screen, helping the image stay bright and clear.

Its new Auto-Brightness feature also promises to adjust the picture automatically, so you can enjoy your projector even when it gets a bit brighter.

Meanwhile the HU710P - LG’s new 2,000 lumens projector - has been upgraded to a hybrid design. This means it incorporates elements of both conventional and laser projectors to create an experience that serves as the best of both - in real terms, you'll get slightly brighter images and retain the ability to enjoy huge image sizes.

Case in point, the HU710P can produce an image size up to 300-inch while the brighter HU715Q can only get up to 120 inches.

Last but not least, both new 4K CineBeam projectors boast new 2,000,000:1 contrast ratios and other contrast features that should give more detail to the scenes you're watching. This should make viewing in darker or brighter conditions much more enjoyable.

So, while you'll almost certainly still want to dim the lights and close your curtains before using either device, that might be all the setup you need to start enjoying these projectors. If these new projectors work as well as LG claims in brighter rooms, it might finally have created an offering that pushes the tech into the mainstream.

Before we issue a final verdict on either the LG HU710P or the LG HU715Q projector we'll have to try them out for ourselves - but so far we think that these could shape up to be some of the best projectors we've seen.

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