New LG OLED TV update will give owners a huge Dolby Vision boost

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LG has consistently made some of the best 4K TVs over the last few years, and that trend could be set to continue as the brand is adding a huge Dolby Vision upgrade to both its latest and upcoming TVs later this year, including the highly anticipated LG C2 and LG G2 OLED TVs as well as its new QNED mini-LED TV range.

As reported by T3 (opens in new tab), any new LG TV that features the latest Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor will receive an upgrade to Dolby Vision IQ, an enhanced HDR format that's even more powerful than the already stunning Dolby Vision. 

Sadly, LG TVs with an older processor will miss out on Dolby Vision IQ, as the HDR format requires a processor as powerful as the Alpha 9 Gen 5 to work without taking a hit to performance, an LG spokesperson told InsideCI (opens in new tab).

The best part, though? The Dolby Vision IQ upgrade will apply to all Dolby Vision-ready content. That means the content you've already been enjoying will see a significant boost to picture quality when the update lands, provided you own one of the newer LG TVs.

Taking the IQ test

But how does Dolby Vision IQ improve your picture? Firstly, a light sensor detects how much (or how little) light is in your room, and then adjusts the display's brightness accordingly to ensure you don't miss any intricate details no matter what your room's light levels are. That could be huge for OLEDs, especially, where screen glare can obscure certain parts of your display.

Dolby Vision IQ also packs in a feature known as Precision Rendering, which boosts contrast and detail even more than standard Dolby Vision. Through Precision Rendering, more detail is visible in especially dark scenes, and it should allow for much better contrast between bright and dark elements of any given scene.

In simpler terms, IQ is an objective upgrade over Dolby Vision. And after the LG C1's admittedly incremental upgrades over its superlative predecessor, the LG CX, we're excited to see if the brand can once again provide a transformative viewing experience via Dolby Vision IQ. In which case, we may see the LG C2 and G2 added to our list of the best LG TVs you can buy.

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