LG G7 and LG V30 could get an OLED screen upgrade to rival Samsung


Samsung already uses them, Apple is rumored to use one on the iPhone 8, and now there’s talk that the LG G7 and LG V30 could benefit from colorful OLED displays as well.

According to sources speaking to The Investor, LG will start rolling out smartphones with OLED screens from the latter half of this year.

The LG V30, which the source claims will launch in September, is expected to be the first of them, while the LG G7 could land with one early next year.

While OLED isn’t objectively better than LCD, it does have some clear benefits. OLED screens have individually lit pixels which can be turned on and off, giving you a pure black when they’re off and allowing for great contrast, while LCD displays are back-lit, giving them less control over light levels and contrast.

If you’ve ever seen a high-end Samsung display you’ll know just how good OLED can look, with vivid images that almost seem to pop out of the screen. So if the LG V30 and LG G7 do have OLED screens it’s a change that could be for the better.

The pieces are in place

And it wouldn’t be a surprise either. LG has long made OLED displays, but other than the aging oddities that are the LG G Flex and LG G Flex 2 the company has reserved them for its TVs until now.

So it has the infrastructure, and switching its phones across to OLED could help it keep pace with rivals, as well as potentially attracting third parties – such as Apple – which it could one day provide OLED screens for.

Right now we’ve got to file this as a rumor, but we’d be surprised if LG didn’t start sticking OLED screens in its smartphones soon.