Lenovo Z5 teaser shows a P20 Pro-like gradient glass back


The release date of the much-talked about Lenovo Z5 was officially unveiled last week on Weibo. It was neither the first time nor the last time when the Lenovo Group VP, Chang Cheng went vocal about the phone as the latest information comes in form of a glimpse of the back of the Lenovo Z5.

Latest teaser makes it pretty clear that the phone will boast of a Huawei P20 Pro like gradient glass back. As it looks very identical to the Aurora or the Twilight colour variant of the Huawei phone. This also confirms that the phone would sport a dual-sided glass design with metal a metal frame on the sides.

Prior to this, Chang Cheng had shared some really interesting highlights of the device. As per his posts, the phone will have a whopping 95% of screen to body ratio, with a humongous 45 day long standby time and lastly the 4TB storage space on the phone.

Source- Weibo

Source- Weibo

With so much on the cards, it's fair to keep high expectations from Lenovo’s upcoming flagship. Especially, about the design and the implausible 4TB of storage. 

Furthermore, the invitation letter shared by Lenovo suggests that the Z5 will represent the legacy of the ZUK-series of phones from Lenovo. ZUK is Lenovo’s sub-brand that entered India in 2015 with the ZUK Z1, followed by the Z2 without the ZUK branding. However in China, the company released total of four handsets— Z1, Z2 Pro, Z2 and Edge.

However, the teaser image sports Lenovo branding at the bottom, but there’s no sign of the ZUK. So we can’t really assure that the it’s a ZUK Z5 or just the Z5. Let’s wait till June 5th and see if it really justifies the hype built around it.