Leaked Samsung Android 10 update list lacks some big names

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
(Image credit: TechRadar)

Android 10 is only available for a few phones right now, and none of Samsung’s are among them, but a whole bunch of the brand's handsets look set to get it sooner or later.

AndroidPure has obtained a screenshot of what's purported to be the company’s Android 10 update list, and it includes a large number of both phones and tablets, including big names like the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the S9 range are also apparently set to get Android 10, but there’s no mention of the Galaxy S8 or Note 8 - although that’s unsurprising given they’re over two years old now.

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A lot of entries in the Galaxy A, J and M ranges are also down for the update according to the list, as are some Galaxy Tab models, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e and Galaxy Tab S4.

Strangely though there’s no mention of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 or the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, both of which will surely be getting Android 10, so the list could be incomplete or inaccurate - and as such we’d take it with a pinch of salt.

The list also doesn’t say when any of the included devices will be getting Android 10, so in some cases we could be waiting quite a long time. It’s likely that recent flagships will be first in line though, so expect to see Android 10 on the likes of the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10 before, say, the Galaxy A10.

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