Latest Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 leak reveals full design and color options

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. (Image credit: Future)

With the rumored launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 fast approaching, we've got some revealing image leaks for the wireless earbuds to take a look at – and they show off just about everything in terms of their aesthetics and color options.

These pictures have been procured by 91mobiles, and fit in with previous image leaks we've seen around these next-gen audio earphones. The new hardware could be unveiled as early as this Monday, June 28.

As expected, based on earlier leaks and rumors, these new wireless earbuds take most of their design cues from the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro that we saw launched at the start of this year – they don't have the look of the earlier bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Live.

It looks as though Samsung is readying four different color shades for the Galaxy Buds 2, as indicated in these leaked images: you're going to have black, green, purple and white options to pick from, with all of them coming in a white charging case.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 leak

(Image credit: 91mobiles)

Samsung certainly hasn't been shy in pushing out a succession of wireless earbuds in recent years, and these could be seen as both the successor to the original Samsung Galaxy Buds and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus that came afterwards.

We're expecting improvements in terms of the audio fidelity, as you would expect, and it looks as though we're going to get at least two microphones on each earbud, wear detection sensors, and pogo connectors for charging.

However, there might be some downgrades as well, based on everything that we've heard so far about the hardware: the battery size is expected to be smaller than the Galaxy Buds Plus, and there won't necessarily be the active noise cancellation that is available on the Galaxy Buds Pro.

The other question is when we can expect to see the Galaxy Buds 2 make an appearance. Samsung has a wearable event coming up on Monday, but we're also expecting to see a big Samsung hardware launch on August 3, so watch this space.

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