Last Night in Soho trailer shows Edgar Wright's horror-tinged vision of 1960s London

Last Night in Soho
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The first trailer for Last Night in Soho, the long-awaited new movie from Hot Fuzz and Baby Driver director Edgar Wright, has finally been released. 

The movie, described as a psychological thriller but looking a lot like a horror film, is about a young fashion designer who manages to find her way into 1960s London. There, she meets a singer who happens to be her idol (played by The Queen's Gambit's Anya Taylor-Joy) – but something is seriously amiss with this version of the British capital, with the film's synopsis stating that 'time seems to fall apart' in whatever this reality is. 

Check the trailer out below. You'll only be able to see this one in theaters – it's currently set for release on October 22, just ahead of Halloween, after suffering two pandemic-induced delays.

The Crown's Matt Smith also features in this movie, which was shot back in 2019. As commenters have pointed out, it looks very much like Edgar Wright's version of 1977's Suspiria – certainly the lighting suggests this is a strong influence. Wright is a noted fan of that film, and even featured in a trailer for the movie back in 2013

It looks vastly different from Wright's previous work, then – and we can't wait to see what he's come up with. 

Analysis: something fresh to get us back into theaters

Hollywood seems like it's finally going to press ahead with wide releases around the world again starting next month, so there's no reason to assume Last Night in Soho will get delayed again. 

You can see why the film's producers have maintained a theatrical release for this one, rather than offloading it to a streaming service – Wright is a clearly strong believer in what cinemas offer the viewer when it comes to a shared experience. The recreation of 1960s London in this film looks gorgeous, and best experienced on a big screen.

Baby Driver was a rare example of an original Hollywood movie hitting the big screen and becoming a runaway success story, a feat Wright has been able to repeat many times over in his career. Let's hope this one hits the same high notes.

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