Hands on with the bamboo Asus laptop

Hug a tree, all the time, with the new bamboo-flavoured Asus
Hug a tree, all the time, with the new bamboo-flavoured Asus

What Laptop have taken a look at Asus' Bamboo U6 and their first impressions suggest that it's an ecological step in the right direction.

The hands-on in What Laptop's blog suggests that this is the kind of laptop that will suit a professional with a statement to make – with the bamboo more environmentally sound than many other materials traditionally used in laptops.

"So, materials used are easier on the environment and can be better recycled. The first Bamboo goes some way to delivering this, as Bamboo is certainly more ecologically friendly than leather.

"However, this being the first-generation device, it doesn't push the envelope as much as initially promised – we'll have to wait for later versions to deliver the much-touted replacement of chassis parts with Bamboo, as it's merely a skin at this point."


But is the bamboo just a gimmick, or does it actually make for a better user experience? What Laptop suggest the latter: "It looks and feels great and certainly helps the laptop stay cool.

"The Asus logo on the lid looks like a hot stamp, which is a neat touch and you get the feeling that it'll age gracefully and get a character of its own, a bit like an old wooden chair."

But will it be available in all good carpenters? Probably not.

Patrick Goss

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