Is HTC planning a comeback with an AirPods clone?

(Image credit: HTC)

For those on the lookout for durable and wireless earphones that are a class apart, there isn’t a need to look further than the Apple Airpods. Perhaps, that’s the reason why HTC, the once in vogue Taiwanese Electronics maker probably wants to make a noisy comeback with its iteration of the much cloned Apple Airpods. 

As per leaks that have surfaced online, the former heavyweight in Android smartphone manufacture is all set to introduce to the world a pair of ‘Black Airpods’ named the HTC U Ear. 

It almost is an Airpod, except for minor tweaks in the design language. The HTC variant retains the stem design of the original AirPods and, of course, it’s going to be in black colour.

What sets the U Ear apart from Apple’s design is in the positioning of the charging pins, the former has placed it at the front of the stem, while the latter has set it at the bottom. 

There is also a rumour of a white variant of the earbuds, but there aren’t any images available to support it. The reveal comes after the U Ear got its certification from Taiwan’s National Communication Commission.  

The product has received certification from Taiwan’s National Communication Commission, though there’s no clarity on when it will launch.

Since Apple’s AirPods launch in 2016, there have been scores of clones and cheap knock-offs.

However, there is a lot of expectation from HTC, as it is known for its excellent build quality and attention to detail.

Xiaomi, RealMe, Huawei, and Oppo are already well known in the wearable accessories segment and an offering from HTC would give users more options to choose from.

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