iPadOS 16.1, iOS 16.1 and macOS Ventura finally arrive next week

iPadOS 16
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While Apple recently announced a bunch of updates to the iPad and Apple TV, it was also confirmed that October 24 is the date for macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16.1 to debut for your devices.

At the bottom of the press release and Ventura's page, there's now confirmation of this date, so if you've got a Mac or an iPad, you'll be able to finally take advantage of the new features.

iPadOS 16.1 has had a rough time mainly due to Stage Manager, Apple's latest effort to redesign multitasking on the tablet. It's had its fair share of issues, such as crashing, a confusing design, and a delay of external display support to a later release.

Yet macOS Ventura has had the opposite since it was announced back in June at WWDC with minimal fuss, mainly due to this being more of a maintenance release, but how could these updates benefit you?

Small features could make a big impact for you

Weather app in iPadOS 16

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Much like Apple's other updates this year, there's been one tentpole feature, followed by a bunch of minor updates across the operating system. Stage Manager is also included in Ventura, but it's more of a minor feature compared to iPadOS, as you're not restricted by an invisible grid and just one way of multitasking on the Mac.

You could argue that the new Weather app is what leads the pack with macOS Ventura, as you get the design and notifications that's been included in iOS for the last couple of releases.

Alongside this, you get benefits of iOS 16, such as being able to edit or unsend a message in iMessage, or being able to schedule an email in the Mail app. Its search feature, Spotlight also gains quick actions, so if you need to set a quick timer in the new Clock app, now you can.

While Apple hasn't confirmed it as yet, it's safe to assume that iOS 16.1 will arrive on October 24 as well, which features Live Activities. These are widgets on the Lock Screen that will keep track of ongoing events, such as sports games and deliveries.

All of these updates are going to benefit in some way - whether that's the Weather app in iPadOS or useful features for Mail and iMessage in Ventura. However time will tell if Stage Manager will need to be worked on further once it's available to more users from October 24, as a bigger voice of feedback could spur Apple to refine it even more.

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