iPad Air 4 may be on sale any day now

iPad Air 4
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We know just about everything there is to know about the iPad Air 4 for 2020 since its unveiling on September 15 – except when we're actually going to be able to buy it. While Apple hasn't said anything more specific than October for an on-sale date, it looks like the tablet is coming sooner rather than later.

As noted by prominent Apple reporter Mark Gurman on Twitter, Apple Stores are now getting promotional material for the latest iPad Air, suggesting that you'll be able to buy it very soon – no preorders necessary.

It's hardly solid confirmation, but Gurman is usually accurate in his Apple information. Another hint was dropped a few days ago by well-known tipster Jon Prosser on Twitter, telling people to simply "get your iPad Air money ready".

The Apple Watch 6 was unveiled at the same time as the iPad Air 4, but that's already available to buy in store and online. If you try to pick up an iPad Air on the Apple website at the time of writing, you can view the pricing but you can't put in an order.

Something in the Air

That pricing, in case you missed the news, starts at $599 in the US, £579 in the UK, and AU$899 in Australia. At the moment there's no hint that a release will be staggered internationally, so the tablet should be available everywhere at the same time.

The iPad Air 4 comes with a significant speed increase, an iPad Pro-style aesthetic redesign, a 10.9-inch display and a choice of fetching colors. In a first for Apple, it has a Touch ID fingerprint sensor built into the power button on the side.

In fact the iPad Air is so good, it may have put the iPad Pro out of business, at least until Apple gets round to upgrading its premium tablet line. The key advantages of the iPad Pro are a better camera, more storage options, and a screen with an adaptive refresh rate.

In the meantime we're still waiting for Apple to unveil the iPhone 12. October 13 is currently the best guess for an official event (which will no doubt be online-only), though availability may be staggered across the different iPhone 12 models.

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