Hands on: Microsoft Docs review

In terms of Facebook itself, Microsoft Docs pops up as an additional tab in your profile, but this is where the integration is especially patchy - our documents aren't shown where they should be!

Microsoft docs

Well, at least not initially, anyway...

Microsoft docs

We were rather concerned by the default sharing of a doc we uploaded as a test! However, we have been using the Beta for a few days and now note that this has been altered - you can change the sharing credentials of anything you upload or create, though 'shared' is still the default option.

Should you wish, Docs will also post uploaded documents to your feed - here's what it looks like.

Microsoft docs

Microsoft Docs seems like a decent first step, but with the release of Office 2010 not far off and Docs probably going public around the same time, we're surprised it isn't more finished. The editing interface is brilliant (aside from the copy and paste issues) but, sadly, the rest of it just isn't ready for prime time and isn't as usable or nimble as Google Docs. Facebook is a great way to collaborate, too, but this also needs polish. Some rapid work needed.

Microsoft docs


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