Amazon is offering £10 off any order over £50 for today only

get £10 off any order over £50 at amazon
Offer is available until midnight on August 3rd

Update: this offer has now expired - it was available in the UK until midnight on August 3rd.

If you thought Prime Day was a bit of a let down, perhaps this will be more to your taste?

For one day only, is offering £10 off any order of £50 and over when you use the promo code BIGTHANKS at the checkout.

That's a saving of up to 20% on literally anything on the Amazon UK site - not a bad deal if there's something you've got your eye on around the £50 mark.

To clarify, this offer expires at midnight tonight, and each person can only get the discount once - you can't keep making purchases all day and claim the £10 discount on everything, you scamps.

Better than Prime Day's deals?

So why is Amazon doing this? It's to congratulate itself on being named the UK's top retailer. According to a survey of 20,000 UK shoppers by the Havas media group, Amazon is the UK's "top performing meaningful retail brand" - answers on a postcard if you can work out what that actually means.

The top 10 came out like this:

1. Amazon
2. Marks & Spencer
3. John Lewis
4. Aldi
5. Sainsbury's
6. Boots
7. Lidl
9. Tesco
10. Morrisons

Get your £10 discount at Amazon on all orders over £50 until the end of the day

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