Rose wants key Diggers to keep influence

"If someone has never dugg anything and has no friends then obviously it relies on someone else finding it and digging it – it's where a Digg button on a site helps!

"If Digg number two comes in and it's from a good recommender then it soon finds its way."

On Digg not always reflecting his own interest

"I was really just trying to build the best tech news site that was out there - which is what we launched with and it became very clear early on that people wanted to submit everything," continues Rose

"So we were coming on and finding people submitting non tech stories which were being buried because people said 'this isn't tech'.

"Digg always been its own monster and the users push for things that they want to see on the site.

"I log in and look at political section – and to be honest it's a little too much politics for me. There's stories here I wouldn't necessarily read.

"In the early days, for the first six months I'd wake up in the morning and just think, 'what the hell's on the front page?' and start freaking out.

"Sometimes I'd say, 'wow good content and other times 'oh my god'. You never know what it's going to be."

On where Digg ranks in his own importance list:

"I still spend 95 per cent of my time on Digg," insists Rose. "I do the podcast every other week and then Pownce is just like a weekend hobby.

"I do go rock climbing, which I do a lot of – but aside from that there's not a lot in terms of hobbies, apart from drinking tea.

"I actually took a week off the internet recently for the first time in years and that was kind of nice.

"Of course when I got back I was straight on the top in seven days [on Digg] to see what was going on!"