Official: Google brings in the most web traffic

Google - the biggest thing on the web
Google - the biggest thing on the web

Google is the biggest provider of internet traffic in the world, according to a new report, with the search giant bringing in 6 per cent of all traffic.

Research carried out by Arbor Networks, titled Internet Observatory Report, has found that web traffic in the past five years has changed significantly, with some 15,000 networks accounting for 50 per cent of internet use back in 2004. Today, a mere 150 networks are in charge of the same amount of traffic, with Google being the biggest.

Dramatic change

Interestingly, if you put Facebook, Google and Microsoft into one pot these big web companies account for 30 per cent of all traffic, according to Arbor Networks.

The study looked at a statistics from a startling "256 Exabytes of internet traffic across 110 large and geographically diverse cable operators, international transit backbones, regional networks and content providers."

More detailed findings are to be presented at the NANOG47 conference in Dearborn, Michigan this week (19 October).

Speaking about the study, Craig Labovitz, Chief Scientist, Arbor Networks, said: "Saying the Internet has changed dramatically over the last five years is cliché – the Internet is always changing dramatically. However, over the course of the last five years, we've witnessed the start of an equally dramatic shift in the fundamental business of the internet.

"This research report provides the in-depth visibility into what exactly has changed relative to the business side of the Internet in the past two years."

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