MySpace Music UK coming 'very soon'

MySpace Music to come to the UK soon
MySpace Music to come to the UK soon

MySpace Music will be hitting the UK "very soon", according to the website's UK Managing Director Anthony Lukom.

He revealed that the site was very close to launching, and explained why there has been a delay.

"MySpace Music is going to launch in the UK very soon. In the UK, music is much more fundamental in our DNA. But to take it to the next level we needed to get the four major labels roped in.

"What we have done is a groundbreaking venture with the major labels, where they part-own the service."

Sharing playlists

MySpace Music launched in the US back in September 2008, and since then the UK has been waiting for the free music site.

In this short time, however, MySpace Music already has some new competition, in the form of Spotify, where one of the most attractive things to new users is the ability to share playlists with others.

This is also something MySpace Music will strive to achieve, according to Lukom. "[The service] will have a community aspect – with personal recommendations and sharing playlists. And we also need to make sure is that the platform is open for unsigned bands," he said.

Search push

Another big application that MySpace is pushing is search, with Lukom announcing that searching for bands will be made much easier.

"We will make finding new music better when MySpace Music launches. There are some great recommendation applications out there, like Last FM, but there will be up to 100 million tracks on MySpace Music and that is unprecedented."

Marc Chacksfield

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