Kent gets its own council-funded web drama

Hollwould drama, courtesy of Kent
Hollwould drama, courtesy of Kent

A new internet drama has been commissioned by the government, which is set to outline myriad teenage issues, such as drink, drugs and sex.

The 10-part programme, a national first, will be shown on Kent TV, the on-demand video player provided by Kent Council. The initiative brings to attention the benefits of VoD for local issues, with the whole thing costing just £20,000 to make – a fraction of what it costs to make a television show.

National first

The programme, called Hollywould, focuses on a university student, called Holly, and her first year at uni.

Written by ex-EastEnders scribe Julie Wassmer, the programme is said to be interactive, with viewers able to choose the outcome of the show.

Speaking about Hollywould, Alan Marsh, Kent County Council cabinet member for Public Health and Innovation, explained: "We are extremely proud that Kent TV is leading the way with this interactive project. It is a national first. The use of this technology is very familiar to our young people. The source of support that this project provides is innovation at its best and shows great initiative."

Teenage themes

Each show will be around five minutes each and as it is made in consultation with NHS Primary Care so programmes will have the cheery themes as sexual health, drinks spiking and personal safety.

The series begins 14 October and episodes will be shown on a weekly basis after. Log onto for more details.

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