Google Wave officially available to all

Google - waving not drowning?
Google - waving not drowning?

Google has announced that it has officially opened up its Google Wave service to everyone.

Instead of waiting for an invite, users can now access the service straight from the Google homepage.

Google had said back in 2009, that it wanted to make the service available to all by the end of 2010 so it looks like it is ahead of schedule.

Speaking about the news, Google said: "We began previewing Google Wave with individuals and a handful of Google Apps customers six months ago. Since then, Wave has been used in a great many interesting ways.

"It's clear from the invaluable feedback we've received that Wave is a great place to get work done, in particular for teams working together on projects that involve lots of discussion and close coordination."

Second Wave

While this sounds like Google is excited by Wave's potential, the service has hit some criticism mainly from those who couldn't figure out quite what it was for.

Luckily, Google does point out who will benefit from using Wave, noting that businesses, schools, and creative collaborators will be able to use the collaboration tools within the service.

Almost as if it's pleading, Google also says on its blog: "If you tried Google Wave out a while ago, and found it not quite ready for real use, now is a good time to come back for a second try."

If you're still not convinced by the 'second' Wave and still think it's a Wave of mutilation rather than inspiration, then there is also a ridiculously cute video below to tempt you.

Marc Chacksfield

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