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Google introduces Recipe View

Google Recipe View
Google launches Recipe View

Google has made it easier to find cooking ideas online by launching a new Recipe View search portal.

Recipe View allows users access to a huge array of recipes from across the web, just by searching for keywords based around ingredients, style of food or special occasions like St Patrick's Day.

One the results are returned you can filter out different ingredients, cook times and even calorie counts to find the perfect meal for you and yours.

Search results display ratings from other users, a picture of the finished dish and the cook time all in the preview box before visiting the website hosting the recipe.


While searching for, say, "Mexican recipes" in Google will still bring you similar content, but the new Recipes tab offers the benefit of including or excluding certain ingredients or adjusting calorie counts.

Another example of how Recipe View may come in handy is for those occasions where payday is approaching and the ingredients you have to play with are thin on the ground.

Searching for "Cheese Potato" for example. will return a host of ideas that you can tailor depending on what you have at your disposal.

Check out the Google Recipe View landing page for a video on how one top chef is using the service