Google boss uses a BlackBerry

Google boss Eric Schmidt 'papped' using a BlackBerry to take pics of reporters

Google boss Eric Schmidt has been 'papped' and caught on camera using a non-Android BlackBerry smartphone, much to his embarrassment!

The Google boss was snapped taking picture with the BlackBerry at Allen & Co.'s media summit in Sun Valley.

Watching the watcher

AP photographer Nati Harnik took the photo of the Google CEO Eric Schmidt sneakily taking a few BlackBerry pics of reporters at the Sun Valley Inn. was quick to note that "not in the AP's caption: Google's CEO is -- gasp! -- using a BlackBerry to take the photo, not a Google Android-based device.

That report cheekily adds: "How is Android supposed to conquer the world if Google's boss is still a CrackBerry addict? Is he borrowing Bill Gates' phone to take photos?"