Exclusive: Tomb Raider proves word 'exclusive' has lost all meaning

Reader LordPancake85 (please can we all start using our real names on the internet?) is happy with the move, though, as it means when it does eventually arrive on a format he owns and assembled out of individual components himself, it'll be better, explaining: "...the PC version will end up being the 'Definitive' or 'Complete' edition, and we will get all the enhancements and upgrades/DLC/preorder bonuses included. These days, being around for the release of a game almost punishes you. You end up spending a lot more money, and sometimes have to wait on the game to be fixed."

Reader Biohazard89 thinks it's bad business for current Tomb Raider franchise holder Square Enix, saying: "One way or the other, Square Enix will see a further decline in sales. If it is indeed exclusive to Xbox, the sales will be low because it's only available on the least successful of the three major platforms. If the exclusivity is only for a few months, it means the hype for the game will have died down considerably by the time it gets released on PS4 and PC."

Triple negative

It was in an interview with Eurogamer that Microsoft man Phil Spencer admitted the exclusive was only exclusive if you're talking about the year 2015. Commenter Grassyknoll was not impressed by the tactic or the revelation, saying: "Timed deals like this cost an absolute fortune. That money could have gone on a game the scale of Uncharted 2 or Alan Wake (both cost about 20 million to make, probably far less than this deal). All MS has done is stopped others playing a game for a bit. Pure stupidity."

Reader Shotbyascot was a bit more scathing about the deal, posting: "Seriously terrible marketing to put your eggs 'half' in the smaller basket when your eggs aren't even that great to start with."

And the further you scroll the worse it gets, with reader CuttlefishJones raging: "Reading his replies almost made me feel uncomfortable, the squirming and slimy marketing BS is just sickening."