Vodafone to launch TV and broadband services in spring 2015

Vodafone is offering home broadband in the UK from Spring 2015

Vodafone is set to launch its residential broadband service in the UK next year with the aim of competing with TalkTalk, Sky, Virgin Media and EE.

Vodafone tried its hand at providing home broadband back in 2007. Just five years later it sold the business to Plusnet, and when it acquired the network infrastructure of Cable and Wireless in 2012 it concentrated on providing broadband services to businesses.

Since then a number of its rivals have begun providing home broadband and it looks like Vodafone wants back in, with Vodafone UK planning on rolling out the service from Spring 2015.

In a bid to remain relevant Vodafone  is also planning to launch a television service alongside its broadband, landline and mobile services in what is known as 'triple-play' and 'quad-play' packages, something that TalkTalk, BT, EE and Sky all offer.

Connection date

Vodafone can begin rolling out its home broadband services so quickly because it can use its existing network infrastructure from the Cable and Wireless acquisition, which grants it access to 12,738 miles of fibe-optic cable around the UK.

Vodafone is also building fibre optic networks in Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Ireland, with 11.2 million broadband customers in Europe. It's aiming to bring its broadband service to Spain and Germany after acquisitions of cable companies in the two countries.

When it comes to broadband, it looks like Vodafone means business. Second time lucky?

Via TechWeek Europe

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