Google Fiber exploring expansion to 34 new cities, not all will make the cut

Google Fiber Map
May the Fiber odds be ever in your favor

Google is expanding its Fiber network; a longer list of cities could soon be sucking down that sweet high-speed internet nectar.

On its Google Fiber blog, the search giant announced it's invited 34 cities in nine metro areas around the United States to work with on bringing the 100-times-faster Fiber to more locales.

The 34 cities in consideration include Phoenix, San Jose and Mountain View, Calif., Atlanta, Portland, Ore. and Salt Lake City.

If only it were so simple as laying down fiber optic cables in these areas. Alas, it's not.

Pick me!

While the list is out, Google plans on providing updates on which locations will wind up with the light-speed connection by year's end. There's no guarantee any city will get the new service, so until the selections are made Google will be working closely with municipalities to map out potential Fiber networks.

The real hope is for Google to bring its delicious 1Gb broadband to all cities. But as the company wrote, "it might not work out for everyone." It takes years of planning and dedicated implementation to get Fiber off the ground, so the chances of all 34 cities making the cut are slim.

Thus far, Google's small Fiber network has been limited to a few spots, including Kansas City, Provo in Utah, and Austin, Texas. A Google spokesperson told TechRadar that the Fiber experiments has drawn in a lot of interest since 2010 when over 1,100 communities applied for the service.

With this new initiative, Google plans to learn from the wide variety of different construction environments and challenges, including an area's topography, housing density and local existing infrastructure.

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