Instagram is testing a redesign of profiles

A photo of someone using the Instagram photo app in front of a computer.
(Image credit: Pexels / Lisa Fotios )

Instagram is planning to update the app according to feedback from users, and is testing a redesign of profiles. Changes would be to the arrangement of features, icons, buttons, as well as how users navigate between tabs on the platform.

"We're testing ways you can better express yourself and easily connect with the people - so over the next several weeks, you may see features re-arranged or changed at the top of your profiles," said a company blog post on Wednesday.

Instagram has assured users, however, that the photos and videos on their profiles will be safe.

Instagram recently rolled out the "Your Activity" feature, which tracks how much time users spend on the app- find it by swiping right on your profile page- in an attempt to give users more control over their mental health and well-being, by giving real-time information about how much time they spend on social media.