Huawei's got a new smartwatch, but it might give you serious déjà vu

Huawei Watch GT2e
(Image credit: Huawei)

Huawei has unveiled a new smartwatch, the Huawei Watch GT 2e, alongside its Huawei P40 series of flagship smartphones.

As the name suggests, this isn't exactly a major re-invention of the Huawei Watch GT 2, so we wouldn't consider it as much a 'Watch GT 3', as much as a slightly tweaked version of its namesake. And it is very, very similar.

The Huawei Watch GT 2e differs from its predecessor mostly in terms of design, while the software is exactly the same. There are a few more sports modes though, including climbing and skateboarding – Huawei says there are now 100.

The new watch is designed to look more 'dynamic' according to Huawei. It's got a 'concealed crown design' so the crowns are a lot smaller and squarish, the band has plenty of perforations making it pretty breathable, and the bezel has radial patterns. The body is built into the strap, so you can't swap out the strap for a different one.

Lots of the features are the same as on the Watch GT 2 though, with two-week battery life, 50m water resistance and a Sp02 monitor for monitoring your blood oxygen levels. Auto detection for exercises is new though.

We don't yet know when the Huawei Watch GT 2e will be released, while the only official pricing we've been told is €199, which is roughly $220 / £180 / AU$360, which suggests the Watch GT 2e will have a similar launch price to the Watch GT 2, which came out for £179 (roughly $230 / AU$340). That device is slightly older now though, so the price has gone down a little.

It's worth pointing out Huawei effectively already has a Watch GT 2 imitator, in the shape of the Magic Watch 2 made by sub-brand Honor, but this new wearable might be useful for sporty people who want a watch with a more streamlined design.

Tom Bedford

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