The Huawei Mate X foldable phone release date could be soon

The Huawei Mate X
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The Huawei Mate X, a foldable phone from the popular Chinese manufacturer, was announced in February 2019, but there has been no word on a release date for the device. However, it's now available to buy for consumers in China, which points to a global launch being just around the corner.

We were initially expecting the Mate X to launch in July, but after the rival Samsung Galaxy Fold flexible device developed durability issues in review units around that time, Huawei postponed the launch to make sure its devices didn't have the same problem.

In China, the Mate X price is set at 16,999CNH (roughly $2,400, £1,870, AU$3,500, although we'd expect prices to differ in various regions), so it's certainly a pricey device, but it's unlikely many people will be keen to buy this new tech anyway – at least, for now.

What about the Huawei Mate X global launch?

Since Huawei is a Chinese company, it makes sense that the Mate X is coming first to that country, but it could also be releasing worldwide very soon.

The reason the Mate X was delayed was so Huawei could make sure it had a durable design – if the company is confident enough to release it for consumers in China, then it's likely good enough for the rest of the world too. That means we could see it very soon.

However, if you're based outside China, you might be in for a shock – despite being announced before the Huawei ban, the Mate X still falls foul to the effects of it, so there will be no Google apps (including the Play Store). This means if you want Netflix, Spotify, or many social media apps and games, you're going to have to side-load them yourself, which could be a bit of a nuisance.

It's possible this will change in the future, as Huawei bulks up its app offerings, but for now, don't expect to unfold your Mate X to see Google Maps in better detail, because that won't be available on the device.

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