How to watch Love Life online: stream every episode of Anna Kendrick series anywhere

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An anthology series charting one person's journey 'from first love to lasting love', Love Life is already a piece of TV history - its release representing the first piece of original content by the HBO Max streaming platform back in 2020. Here's how to watch Love Life online and stream the series no matter where you are in the world.

How to watch Love Life online

Love Life is out now and HBO Max is the only place to watch it in the US. Those in the UK will find it even more accessible, as anyone can watch Love Life FREE on BBC iPlayer in the country. Down Under in Australia, it's Stan or bust for this and many other HBO imports.

Starring Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect, A Simple Favor) as lead character Darby Carter, she's a 20-something woman living the typical millennial life in New York and rooming in a cramped apartment with her friends Sara (Zoe Chao) and Mallory (Sasha Compere). The show follows her through a string of relationships and is broadly speaking a romantic comedy.

However, as an an anthology, each season will be self-contained and feature a new set of characters, so you can expect a fresh twist on the genre with each outing.

Love Life season 1 first aired on the HBO Max streaming service from its release date in May 2020 - and is now widely available for global streaming.

Here's how to watch Love Life online and stream the show from anywhere in the world today.


How to watch Love Life in the US


Love Life made its way to the HBO Max streaming platform back in May 2020 - and it's still the easiest way to watch the show in the US.

HBO Max is a standalone service, so you won't find it offered with HBO on cable (there's HBO Go for that) or through any rival services like Hulu - even if it does offer HBO as an add-on channel.

This means that HBO Max is the one and only place you can watch Love Life in the US, where it costs an affordable $14.99 a month.

watch love life online uk

How to watch Love Life in the UK

anyone in the UK can watch Love Life free online

You can easily watch Love Life in the UK. While initially only available to Sky subscribers when it was first released last year, it has since made its way to BBC iPlayer - so anyone in the UK can watch Love Life free online (with a valid TV license, of course).

The show debuted on Sky Atlantic last year, following an initial release Stateside - an increasingly common pattern for HBO shows and other premium US content.

That means you can also watch Love Life online in the UK with a Now TV Entertainment Pass, which is much cheaper and far less commitment than going all-in with Sky.

It's also worth mentioning that Sky customers can stream the show and loads more on-the-go with the Sky Go app - and that 100% free-to-watch iPlayer has apps for pretty much any modern device you can imagine.

watch love life online canada

How to watch Love Life online in Canada


It's good news for anyone needing a new rom-com in their life, as select HBO Max shows like Love Life get released in the Great White North at roughly the same time as they do in the US - thanks to a deal between HBO and Crave.

Crave offers HBO as well as Starz and Showtime content and had be had from just on offer - plus there's a free 30-day trial on offer. 

A new episode of Love LIfe drops each Wednesday just like in the US, and it can be obtained either through your pay TV provider or on a standalone basis.

watch love life online australia

How to stream Love Life in Australia


Australia also has a deal that will let them watch new Love Life episodes more or less in time with their release on HBO Max in the US.

It's courtesy of over-the-top streaming service Stan, which offers a free 30-day trial and is also the exclusive Aussie home of shows like Better Call Saul and Billions.

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