How to watch Call the Midwife season 11 online in UK and abroad

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Lucille and Cyril settle into married life, Derek and Audrey Fleming return to Poplar with wonderful news and Sister Monica Joan and Reggie fancy Sandie Shaw's chances at Eurovision, but amid the joy and jubilation something seismic is brewing. Read on as we explain below how to watch Call the Midwife season 11 online from anywhere in the world – and 100% FREE!

Watch Call the Midwife season 11

Premiere: Sunday, January 2

New episodes: 8pm GMT on Sundays in UK

Free stream: BBC iPlayer

International streams: PBS (US) | WNED (CA) | BBC First (AU)

Watch anywhere: tune in today with a 100% risk-free VPN

A disturbing discovery made during a demolition at a nearby tenement block thrusts Nonnatus House into darkness, as a subsequent police investigation stomps a trail that leads all the way back to the team.

Meanwhile - stop scratching! - Sister Hilda and Shelagh have their work cut out as they switch babies for scabies, a local epidemic breaking half of East London out in itches and sores, Sister Frances joins Dr Turner at the cytology clinic, and Trixie and Matthew continue to dance around the inevitable...

That's all alongside the usual helping of the miraculous, the mundane and the macabre that underpins a regular day for the nuns of Nonnatus House. Read on below as we break down how to watch Call the Midwife season 11 online from anywhere, and better yet, it's completely FREE to stream.

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How to watch Call the Midwife season 11 online in the UK for FREE


Call the Midwife series 11 starts at 8pm GMT on Sunday, January 2, with subsequent episodes airing at the same time each week. And as ever, BBC One is the place to tune in.

Alternatively, Call the Midwife can be streamed live via BBC iPlayer or on-demand at a later date. It’s 100% FREE and you can also find every prior season of Call the Midwife here and all the seasonal specials too.

Whether you watch live or on catch-up, you can access BBC iPlayer on any of the following: desktop on Windows and Mac machines, on smartphone apps for Android and iOS, as well as media streaming devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Roku and more. You can also get BBC iPlayer on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Outside of the country? Don't worry – you can make use of a VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass geo-restrictions and stream BBC iPlayer as if you were right at home. We explain more on how below.

How to watch Call the Midwife season 11 online from outside your country

If you're taking a vacation outside your country of residence, then sadly geo-blocking restrictions will stop you from streaming Call the Midwife season 11 online voa the service you'd usually watch it on.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. By downloading a VPN – short for Virtual Private Network – you can alter your IP address to that of your country back home, and stream TV content that would otherwise be inaccessible.

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ExpressVPN - get the world's best VPN
There are hundreds of VPNs available, but our favorite is ExpressVPN. It's quick to connect to, easy to use, and highly secure. Plus, it’s compatible with a wide range of devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, the Xbox, PlayStation, iOS and Android software, among many more.

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Three simple steps to using a VPN to watch Call the Midwife:

1. Download and install a VPN - we recommend ExpressVPN

2. Connect to the relevant server location - launch the VPN app, click on 'choose location' and select the right location i.e. UK for iPlayer

3. Head to the chosen broadcaster's live stream - in this case, head to BBC iPlayer

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How to watch Call the Midwife season 11 online for FREE in the US


US-based fans of the East End drama have to wait a short while for the new Call the Midwife season to land, but nowhere near as long as with previous runs.

The Call the Midwife season 11 start date is Sunday, March 20 in the US. At the time of writing it isn't clear what time new episodes will air at, but we imagine it will be 8pm ET / PT.

You'll also be able to watch Call the Midwife episodes live on PBS Online or on-demand for up to 30-days after broadcast (after this time they'll be removed from the service).

PBS Online is compatible with desktop computers/laptops running the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Alternatively, download the PBS Video app free of charge to devices like Amazon Fire, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Samsung TV, and Apple TV.

If that clashes with a vacation, you'll want to pack a good VPN so you can connect to your IPTV service back home and avoid missing out. 

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How to watch Call the Midwife season 11 online in Canada


The due date for Call the Midwife season 11 in Canada hasn't yet been revealed but it's likely to follow the same pattern as the US, which would mean it begins on Sunday, March 20.

Whether you’ve got cable or prefer streaming, the WNED channel is the place to watch Call the Midwife in Canada.

Registration isn’t necessary, but becoming a member will open up a wider range of content for you to stream. Furthermore, you can choose to make a monthly/annual “donation” ($60 a year in the US) to get extended access to local and premiere PBS programming and a library of previously broadcast on-demand shows.

The WNED Passport streaming service is available through web browsers on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices, and through the PBS Video App on Roku, Apple TV 4, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Tablet, Android TV, Apple iPhone and iPad and Android mobile devices.

Fans of the show who’re abroad for business or leisure can simply purchase a VPN. This way you can connect to your preferred streaming service any time, no matter where in the world you are.

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How to watch Call the Midwife season 11 online in Australia for FREE


Aussie fans are amongst the luckiest in the world, with Call the Midwife season 11 premiering at 10am AEDT on Monday, January 3 on BBC First. Each episode is also being re-aired at the rather more convenient time of 7.30pm.

If you don’t have cable package, Foxtel Now is an affordable, OTT alternative. On top of your Essentials base plan (AUS$25 a month), you’d need to add the Drama Extra package. For an extra AUS$10, this provides you with access to BBC First, BBC UK TV, Fox Showcase, Universal content, plus much more. But, before paying a cent, take their 10-day free trial for a whirl.

Finally, if you're abroad you'll need a VPN to connect to your usual VoD services. They’re simple to install, and once you’ve done so you’re free to stream Call the Midwife online from anywhere.

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