House of Marley makes smart speakers sustainable

House of Marley Get Together

House of Marley (which specializes in high-end audio kit made from sustainable materials, and was founded by the son of Bob Marley), has announced its first smart speaker at CES 2019.

The Get Together Mini with Google Assistant is the latest addition to House of Marley's line of Bluetooth speakers, and is crafted from bamboo, aluminum (easily recycled), and the company's signature Rewind fabric (a combination of organic cotton, hemp and recycled plastics).

The speaker is equipped with Chromecast for multi-room playback, and even serves as a USB power bank for charging your phone. It'll go on sale in August 2019, priced at $199.99 (about £150, AU$280).

Freedom time

House of Marley has also launched a raft of other audio kit, including a new turntable that lets vinyl fans enjoy their favorite music without wires.

The Stir it up Wireless turntable is a Bluetooth version of the company's original deck. It's crafted from bamboo, rewind fabric and aluminium, and has a built-in pre-amp and drive belt with auto-stop to converse power. It will be available from September 2019 for $249.99 (about £200, AU$350). 

House of Marley Liberate Air

The company has also launched its first true wireless earbuds. The Liberate Air earphones are made from bamboo, natural wood composite and Rewind fabric, and  were nominated for a CES Innovation Award for their green credentials.

We look forward to putting them through their paces when they're released in July 2019 for $149.99 (about £120, AU$210).

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