Teufel slashes its speaker range prices

Get Teufel products like the Concept S now for a discounted price

Teuful may still be one of the new guys in the burgeoning UK AV market, but the company is making headlines for all the right reasons by announcing a whole host of pre-Christmas price cuts.

The company, which only debuted its stock in the UK this October, is currently Europe's biggest direct seller of AV equipment and has announced significant price reductions to its speaker range.

Price reductions

The cuts include 300 Euros (£250) knocked off its luxurious aluminium high gloss speaker set, the lT5, and 35 per cent off the iTeufel iPod speaker dock.

In all, there are six sets of speakers that have been given reductions – including Teufel's "mega seller", the Aluminium set Concept S which you can purchase for the princely sum of 449 Euros (£370).

In October, TechRadar reported that the company had launched the best-ever THX speaker system – the THX-certified Teufel System 9 THX Ultra 2.

To view all the offers available, just point your browser to www.teufel.eu/speakers-offer.