Roku just became the best-fed media platform in the UK

Roku gets Amazon
Roku just became the best-fed media platform

Roku has just announced the Amazon Video application is now available on all Roku devices in the UK, making it just about the most fully-formed media streaming ecosystem around.

Joining Netflix, Sky Store, NOW TV and Google Play Movies, the new Amazon Video app will deliver over 50,000 movies and TV shows that Roku users will be able to rent or buy and stream instantly. On top of that, anyone signed up to Amazon Prime will also get access to their 15,000 strong lineup of instantly-available video goodness.

Amazon Video

The new Amazon Video app is almost the final piece of the puzzle for Roku and means it's now packing all the major streaming services as well as the full raft of UK catch-up TV services too.

Roku 4 - the Apple TV killer

And with the Roku 4 being one of the best 4K streamers around right now - hell, one of the best media streamers period - this is all adding up to make the Roku ecosystem a remarkably powerful, content-rich one.

Roku 4

Amazon offers all its Ultra HD content as part of the existing Prime package, so to get all that super high-res goodness doesn't cost any extra.

It's just a shame the Roku 4 is still purely a US-exclusive device. Roku has told us that it still wants to roll out the device to other countries, but there are still no official plans as to when that might happen.

But happen it surely will, given the rest of the Roku devices have found their home in the UK and around the world.