How to get your own drive-in movie theatre

We want one of these...

It may still be too cold to watch movies outside, but fancy the thought of installing your very own movie theatre in your backyard?

Backyard Drive-in is a new portable outdoor projection system which is able to show movies, live sports broadcasts (think the Beijing Olympics and

Euro 2008

action this summer), TV shows and even let you play video games out in the open air.

Accordingto the manufacturers, Backyard Drive-in is easily set up ‘in minutes’, and will display life-size images on its giant area screen which offers a viewing area of more than 13 feet wide by 9 feet high.

Lightweight framework

The projection screen is made of an engineered fabric designed to withstand wear and weather. Holding it up is an expandable aluminum framework designed to be as portable and lightweight as possible.

"Provided you've got the room and the privacy, an outdoor screen like this could be enormous fun if we're lucky enough to have a long, hot summer," Steve May, senior editor of our sister magazine Home Cinema Choice told us.

Practical problems

"The concept does come with some practical problems to solve though," May said. "Potential buyers though should consider both how they'll run both power and a video feed to the projector, and where exactly the projector would be mounted. And unless you live in an isolated spot, neighbourly consideration should be given to any accompanying sound system. A full on 5.1 system just isn't appropriate for most people. Wireless headphones could be a good solution. Of course, if you just want to play Wii Tennis with your mates under the stars, sound takes a backseat to the gameplay anyway."

The Backyard Drive-in is available in two sizes; the Large Screen costs $1,049 (£534) while the Extra-Large Screen will set you back $1,449 (£738).

So, apart from rainy weather, there’s really nothing stopping you from having a couple of beers and a barbeque with the movie of your choice...