New Hi-Fi systems revealed by Philips

Philips' latest Wi-Fi hifi
Philips' latest Wi-Fi hifi

As if TVs, Blu-ray players and


weren't enough, Philips has also been beavering away on a couple of new Hi-Fi systems.

The first is the Philips Harmony Component Hi-Fi system range, which aims to bring you high quality sound, swoon-worthy design with simple to use controls.

Philips reckons its nailed true-to-life sound reproduction thanks to a nifty new set up: the soft-dome tweeter is set above the speaker box, which apparently allows the sound to travel along the speaker baffle; this should give the music a rich, wide feeling.

Webcam look

This is all very nice, of course, but it does leave your speakers looking a bit like they have a built-in webcam. No one wants that.

Philips harmony component hifi

The speakers also have a glass fibre woofer cone and front-firing bass port for tight bass reproduction, while the casing is pure aluminium and the speaker boxes are made of wood.

The integrated dock can play and charge iPad, iPod and iPhones, and offers a 2 x 80W RMS Class-D digital amp which can play music from an external storage device via USB.


If you prefer something to spread music around the house, the new Philips Wi-Fi Multiroom Hi-Fi system could be more up your street.

The ClariSound speakers have the same top-mounted tweeter as described above, claimed by Philips as providing 'best in class' sound quality.

With a Wi-Fi network set up, you can play different songs in different rooms all streamed wirelessly from the multiroom music centre.

Of course, you'll need to invest in multiple compatible speakers for this function, so no doubt it will set you back a pretty penny.

Unfortunately news of the UK release date and pricing for both Hi-Fi systems is yet to be revealed; but with the emphasis on premium, we're anticipating a premium price point.

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