Watch the best trailers from The Game Awards

Last night saw one of the biggest international awards for video games take place in Los Angeles. 

Called, appropriately enough, The Game Awards, the night sought to shine a light on some of the fantastic games released this year.

Winners ranged from Overwatch (which took home the award for overall game of the year) all the way through to That Dragon, Cancer, which won the ‘Games for Impact’ award. 

Exclusive trailers

But some of the best moments of the night came from the game trailers that were premiered, and we’ve collected our pick of the best below for your viewing pleasure. 

First up is a trailer for Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima’s first post-Konami game Death Stranding. Talk of the game has been quiet since it was announced at Sony’s conference at this year’s E3. 

This lack of information hasn’t quite changed with the release of the new trailer, which frankly raises more questions than it answers with its skull-faced soldiers and the repeated appearances of a creepy children’s doll. 

We also saw new footage from the new Legend of Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, which revealed the game’s jungle area. 

It was a cool trailer, but if we’re honest we’re ready for the game to come out at this point after Nintendo showed off so much at E3 earlier this year. 

Our final pick of the best trailers shown off last night has to go to Mass Effect: Andromeda, which showed off its gameplay for the first time. 

It looks like more of the same Mass Effect that we know and love (which is no bad thing), although some of the new environments shown off bring to mind the likes of a sci-fi universe such as Firefly, rather than the Star Trek-style environments favored by the series thus far. 

Jon Porter

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