Hasbro's Baby Yoda toys have been revealed, and they're pretty cute

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After revealing a Funko Pop, a plushie and some questionable T-shirts, the Baby Yoda phenomenon has now spread to serious Star Wars toys. Hasbro has revealed its Black Series figurine of the little green alien from The Mandalorian, pictured above, among other new collectables that you'll either find adorable or cynical (or maybe both).  

The Black Series line of Star Wars merchandise is high-quality, but not prohibitively priced. Indeed, the little man is available to pre-order for just $9.99 from stores like Walmart (TBC outside the US), and it'll be available from May. Baby Yoda – referred to officially as 'The Child', because we don't know the name of Yoda's species – also comes with his broth bowl, as seen in various memes.  

Hasbro has more planned alongside. There will also be two-packs of 2.2-inch figures of Baby Yoda, under the label of The Bounty Collection, with each doing various things like eating and frolicking. Here they are:

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Those are up for pre-order at $15.99 (again, TBC outside the US), and they're arriving in May too. 

Sick of Baby Yoda yet? Wait, there's more! There's also a talking plushie arriving in May. Although since Baby Yoda doesn't actually talk (he sort of gurgles and laughs, and if he actually ever starts talking, it'll be a shame), you can instead expect 10 sound effects, described by Hasbro as adorable. That's available for $24.99 (we're not sure about price and availability elsewhere yet).

(Image credit: Hasbro)

Escape him, you cannot

This onslaught of merchandise isn't a massive surprise – and it's still to Disney's credit that it kept Baby Yoda's existence under wraps before the show premiered in November. None of this stuff looks nearly as good as the puppet used in The Mandalorian, but short of breaking into a Lucasfilm storage unit and stealing the actual prop, this is probably as good as it's going to get for now. 

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