Halo: Reach could be out for PC on December 3 (and Xbox One later today)

Halo: Reach
(Image credit: Microsoft / 343 Industries)

Halo: Reach will be out on the PC come December 3, according to the release date now mentioned on the Microsoft Store – and there’s seemingly a fair chance the game will be launched on the Xbox One later today at X019.

As spotted by DSO Gaming, the launch date is listed as December 3 on both Microsoft’s product listings for Halo: Reach and the Master Chief Collection (which the game is the first instalment of six titles).

Even though that’s the official listing on the Microsoft Store, there’s no guarantee that the date is correct, of course – but these sort of early spillages have proved correct in the past.

And the other theory is that with X019, Microsoft’s annual celebration of the Xbox, kicking off in London this evening, the PC release will likely be announced here – and indeed Halo: Reach may even be released on the Xbox One there and then.

Some game announcements are definitely coming at X019, given that it’s focused on “games, games, games, games, games” (that's plenty of emphasis) as we’ve already heard – and we’re hoping for a closer look at Halo Infinite at the event, too.

Right on time

Halo: Reach was previously expected to be released on PC before the end of 2019, so an early December launch very much fits in with the timeframe we were anticipating.

The game may have updated graphics, but Halo: Reach is optimized for PC and refreshingly low-specced, so even those with aged PCs will be able to enjoy it. In fact, it runs at a fluid 60 fps in 4K resolution on a 6-year-old graphics card, believe it or not.

That makes a change from all these contemporary games which are now demanding beefy graphics cards and 12GB of RAM (or more), naturally.

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