Grab your old iPhone from the drawer, Apple is offering better trade-in values

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Apple quietly changed the trade-in value for various product lines about two weeks after redesigning its Trade-In website.

Looking at the charts, the changes are not across the board as some older models and Android phones will stay at their current amount. For the most part, you will get more money back for trading in old Apple devices, but a few are seeing a drop in value. Below is a series of tables listing every single trade-in update for iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches. 


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ModelNew trade-in valueOld trade-in value
iPhone 13 Pro MaxUp to $630 / £590Up to $600 / £580
iPhone 13 ProUp to $530 / £510Up to $500 / £500
iPhone 13 miniUp to $330 / £335Up to $350 / £330
iPhone 12 Pro MaxUp to $440 / £390Up to $420 / £405
iPhone 12 ProUp to $350 / £350Up to $330 / £350
iPhone 12 miniUp to $220 / £220Up to $250 / £235
iPhone SE (2nd generation)Up to $90 / £105Up to $100 / £110
iPhone 11 ProUp to $240 / £240Up to $230 / £240


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ModelNew trade-in valueOld trade-in value
iPad ProUp to $470 / £515Up to $445 / £490
iPadUp to $175 / £205Up to $165 / £205
iPad miniUp to $250 / £245Up to $240 / £220


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ModelNew trade-in valueOld trade-in value
MacBook ProUp to $775 / £615Up to $730 / £615
MacBook AirUp to $450 / £420Up to $515 / £390
iMacUp to $510 / £415Up to $570 / £415
Mac miniUp to $405 / £215Up to $375 / £210

Apple Watch

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ModelNew trade-in valueOld trade-in value
Apple Watch Series 6Up to $110 / £110Up to $105 / £110
Apple Watch SEUp to $80 / £70Up to $70 / £65
Apple Watch Series 5Up to $85 / £80Up to $80 / £75
Apple Watch Series 4Up to $55 / £50Up to $50 / £45

Be aware you’re not guaranteed to get these new trade-in values. The amount you’ll get in return depends on a variety of factors like whether or not the buttons on your iPhone 13 Pro work or if the touchscreen is cracked. A poorly kept phone won’t give you $630 worth of trade-in credit toward a new device. And for other gadgets not listed like AirPods or keyboards, your only option is to recycle them. 

Trade-in alternatives

Back in January, Apple slashed the trade-in value for many models; some by as much as $50. So it's good to see the company begin offering more money to make up for the cuts. But the flip side of that is the value for most of these devices is still lower than what they were at the beginning of the year. The iPhone 13 Pro Max, for example, originally had a trade-in value of $650.

The good news is there are alternatives out there. If you live in the US, you can use Flipsy to “see how much your phone is worth”. For those in the UK, Sell My Mobile is one of the better services. You can also try selling privately. 

But before you do, read TechRadar’s guide on what to do prior to selling. There’s more to it than just making an eBay listing. 

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