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Grab this Google Home Mini with Frozen 2 book bundle for just $25 before Black Friday

Walmart Google Home Mini Frozen 2 book bundle
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The Google Home Mini price has just been slashed to $25 at Walmart, and the Google speaker comes with a Frozen 2 read-along book to boot. There's now officially no excuse for not having a smart speaker in every room of your home. This is a great start to the early Walmart Black Friday event.

The Google Home Mini was released in 2017, a predecessor to the new Google Nest Mini released this year. That's not to say this Home Mini isn't worth picking up. For $25 you're getting Google's (previous) flagship miniature smart speaker, an excellent little central hub for your smart home integrated with the powerful Google Assistant and a speaker that will serve everyday purposes. 

By comparison, the Nest does offer a speaker with a bit more oomph - think better bass and general punchier sound - as well as a series of LED lights that make controlling the unit a little easier by hand. It also costs $50. For half the price you're getting similar specs and saving $25 ahead of Black Friday by sacrificing a little speaker quality. 

Also included in this bundle is the Frozen 2 read-along book, part of Disney's move into the smart speaker space with a series of integrated storybook experiences. As you start to read the book aloud, your Google Home Mini will fill the experience with sound effects and music, making this the perfect bundle to pick up in time for the holidays. Definitely don't let it go...

Google Home Mini + Frozen 2 book bundle | $49 $25 at Walmart
The Google Home Mini is the predecessor to the new Google Nest Mini - small smart speaker hubs for your home that offer Google Assistant voice control. Grab this $25 to save 50% on both the Google Home Mini speaker and the Frozen 2 read along book experience! It's actually cheaper with the book today as Walmart is selling the Mini without it for $39.
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