Grab the Google Home Max through JB and save AU$199!

(Image credit: Future)

If you’re after a smart speaker that will satisfy your audio needs and is able to give you a serious sound blast, then you'll want to take a look at the monster-sized Google Home Max. 

The Home Max is the largest and most powerful out of Google’s family of smart speakers, weighing 5.3kg – at that level of heft, it could potentially double as a music-playing dumbbell! It also houses two 4.5-inch subwoofers for bass lovers and of course, has the popular Google Assistant built-in.

What sets this speaker apart from the rest is that it’ll adjust its music playback automatically depending on room-size and placement. This is super handy and an incredible advancement in home tech which makes it one of the smartest speakers around.

The microphone has also been improved and is more than capable of picking up your requests from the other side of the room – even with music blaring out at significant volume.

In summary, the Google Home Max is among the smartest speakers around, delivering amazingly large sound from a relatively small device with a clever design that lifts it above the competition. Currently available in charcoal through JB Hi-Fi for only AU$198 – that’s an incredible saving of AU$199!

Google Home Max | AU$198 save AU$199

Google Home Max | AU$198 (RRP AU$397; save AU$199)

Rock out to your favourite tunes anywhere in your home with the loud and powerful Google Home Max. Although this speaker is quite massive, the Max makes an adaptable addition to any space in your home, thanks to its Smart Sound function which adjusts to any environment you set it up in. With two 4.5 woofers, you’ll be shakin’ your groove thing while enjoying the convenience of Google Assistance, and its improved microphone will pick up your voice even over the sound of your favourite guilty pleasure track *cough* Nickelback *cough*. Available in charcoal, you can grab yours today through JB Hi-Fi and save a massive AU$199.