Google's $40 million Fossil deal was for hybrid smartwatch tech

(Image credit: TechRadar)

We’re no closer to hearing official confirmation of a Google Pixel Watch, but a new report includes the first suggestion it will feature elements of a hybrid device, as the company apparently bought related tech from Fossil earlier this year.

According to people familiar with the matter speaking to Wareable, Google bought a license to use the hybrid smartwatch technology as well as 20 members of the Fossil team who were working on it.

Fossil and Google both confirmed the $40 million deal earlier this year (though didn't say exactly what it was for), and although this report has yet to be confirmed by either company it comes from a trusted source, so it’s likely to be accurate information.

The specifics of the tech has yet to be revealed, but the report says it’s a way of combining features from both digital and analog watches into one package.

It’s referred to internally as ‘Project Diana’ thanks to the combination of the words digital and analog, which is a major part of why Fossil believes this tech to be revolutionary for the wearables space.

It's also likely to support devices that don't sport screens as well. That may mean we see a Wear OS-toting smartwatch from Google launch alongside a more traditional hybrid design.

We originally expected to see a Google Pixel Watch in 2018 but it never materialized, so we're still waiting to see what Google can produce to show off Wear OS to its full potential.

James Peckham

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