Google Fit's latest update could help you save battery on your Wear OS watch

Image Credit: Mobvoi

GPS can be a major battery drainer when you're using your smartwatch, so Google is working hard to try and improve that.

A new low-power GPS mode is the company's latest step toward that, and it has now launched on the TicWatch Pro. If you own one of those watches, you should find it is there when you update Google Fit.

Exactly how it works is unclear, but both Google and Mobvoi (the company behind the TicWatch Pro) claim it will help improve the battery life of your watch if you're using it to track your location on walks, runs or cycles.

The feature is currently only available on the TicWatch Pro, and you'll have to be using the Google Fit app with your phone disconnected for it to take effect. The company seems to believe it'll improve the battery life of your watch a lot, but there are no clear stats on how much it'll help.

An odd element is the fact Google has chosen the TicWatch Pro to be the first to get this considering the product has such good battery life already.

It may be there are some hardware limitations that mean it's not available for all watches.

Those with other Wear OS watches are sure to be hopeful it will continue to rollout to their watches in the future, but Google has yet to confirm what watches will get it and when.

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