Godzilla vs Kong may be getting a sequel – but it's not what you think

Godzilla vs Kong
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Godzilla vs Kong was, if you pardon the pun, a titan of a hit for Warner Bros. The MonsterVerse movie was a success on HBO Max and in theaters, with Godzilla vs Kong becoming the top-grossing Hollywood blockbuster released since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

Fans of Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse will, no doubt, have been holding out hope for a sequel regardless of Godzilla vs Kong's success. Those wishes appear to be taking a step to closer to reality now, with THR reporting that Warner Bros. and Legendary have held talks about another MonsterVerse installment.

According to THR insiders, the two studios have begun talking to Godzilla vs Kong director Adam Wingard about returning for another MonsterVerse movie. If that speculation is true, Wingard would be the first director to return to the series since it began with 2014's Godzilla.

If Wingard is to helm a Godzilla vs Kong sequel, it may not arrive for a few years. The director is currently working on a live-action version of beloved cartoon series Thundercats, as well as a sequel to John Woo's 1997 action movie Face/Off. Neither film has entered production yet, however, so there's always the chance that Warner Bros. rejigs its future movie plans to move a Godzilla vs Kong sequel up its roster.

As for what the sequel may be, THR reports that one title being discussed in studio halls is relates to the offspring of one of Earth's remaining titans. According to rumors floating around, the next installment in the series could be called Son of Kong.

How Son of Kong could fit into the MonsterVerse

The main question that a potential Son of Kong movie would have to answer is, well, how Kong has a child. In the MonsterVerse, Kong is said to be the last of his kind, so he wouldn't be able to father a son unless he mates with a giant female ape.

However, Godzilla vs Kong could help with this particular query. In the most recent MonsterVerse movie, Kong and a bunch of humans travel to the Hollow Earth, which is a unexplored subterranean world with its own ecosystem. The group also finds a throne room where Kong's ancestors supposedly resided and, while we only spend a small part of Godzilla vs Kong in this new world, this area confirms the existence of more giant apes in the MonsterVerse.

We don't actually know if more of Kong's species are alive in the Hollow Earth. If they are, there's every chance that Kong – who rules over the Hollow Earth by Godzilla vs Kong's ending – meets a female ape titan and starts a family of his own. That would allow Kong's son to exist in the MonsterVerse.

Additionally, Son of Kong could incorporate a time jump until Kong's son is old enough to fend for himself. Son of Kong could take place 50 to 60 years after Godzilla vs Kong, and act as a new jumping off point for the MonsterVerse to be built around. It could even act as a callback to Kong: Skull Island, with audiences being introduced to an adolescent version of the character who grows up between other possible Son of Kong entries.

This isn't the first time that a Son of Kong movie has been made, if THR's report proves to be correct. Son of Kong was also a 1933 movie, and saw a new expedition head to Skull Island where humanity encountered 'Little Kong', an albino giant ape who is believed to be the son of King Kong. That movie didn't end well for Kong's son, though, so we'd hope that he'd have better luck in any potential Son of Kong reboot.

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