Get £60 cashback on this £10/pm iD Mobile SIM only deal

iD Mobile sim only deal
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iD Mobile is Carphone Warehouse's very own network, which is known for its affordable SIM only deals. Now you can get an impressive cashback offer and make an already affordable tariff even better value for money.

This iD SIM only deal comes with 20GB of 5G enabled data, unlimited texts, and unlimited minutes for just £10 a month at - and that's before you account for the cashback. The £60 cashback offer effectively slashes the monthly cost in half to just £5 a month. That's essentially a 50% deduction.

Although the cashback offer is great and will cut the total tariff cost over 1 year in half, it works on a cashback by redemption basis. This means you'll have to claim your cashback via an online form in five installments throughout the 12 month contract. You can read more about cashback by redemption on the website.

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This iD Mobile SIM only deal in full:

iD Mobile SIM-only plan| 12 months | 20GB of data, unlimited calls & texts | £10 a month + £60 cashback

iD Mobile SIM-only plan| 12 months | 20GB of data, unlimited calls & texts | £10 a month + £60 cashback
20GB of data is great for a decent amount of browsing and streaming. Coming in at £10 a month, this iD mobile tariff is already affordable but with the £60 cashback deal, effectively pay £5 a month instead.

Is iD Mobile a good network?

You might not have heard of iD Mobile because it isn't as high profile as the likes of EE and O2, but with over 1 million customers, its affordable plans are becoming popular.

iD mobile isn't following the lead of some other mobile operators that are bringing back roaming charges. With iD plans, you can use your data, texts, and calls in 50 destinations across the world at no extra cost. There's also the added benefit of any unused data rolling over to the next month for free.

Although this may be a SIM only deal, iD also offers affordable tariffs on some of the latest handsets too. On both its SIM only and mobile phone contracts, you'll be getting the same speeds, coverage, and reach as Three, because this is the network that iD Mobile piggybacks off of.