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Get Apple's first 12-inch MacBook for just $779 on Amazon today

12-inch MacBook

If you want the cheapest way to get hold of an Apple laptop, then today is your lucky day. Amazon is selling the first 12-inch MacBook, as refurbished 2015 models, for just $779 to start.

These Apple laptops are packing gorgeous Retina displays and 256GB solid-state drives (SSDs) paired with 8GB of RAM. Now, you should know that these 2015 MacBook models are known to suffer from those well-publicized keyboard issues.

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However, at least Apple provides these manufacturer-refurbished models with a 90-day warranty, so that should provide some peace of mind.

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Also, these MacBooks bring with them impressive battery life and connectivity with your iPhone and associated accounts. You could think of this as a companion for your much-more-expensive iPhone X.

Regardless, for those seeking the cheapest possible 12-inch MacBook they can find, this is currently the best answer. Keep in mind that supplies are running out at the time of writing, so act quickly if you’re pining for a new MacBook.

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