Get a massive, stylish TV for less in this Samsung The Frame 75-inch TV deal

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Samsung The Frame TV combines home cinema with an artistic design to create a TV that would make a stylish addition to any home – and you can now get its largest 75-inch size at a startlingly good price.

You can now get this stylish 75-inch TV at Currys for just £2,199, using the discount code VISION300OFF to knock a whopping £300 off the price. (Not in the UK? Scroll down for the best Samsung TV deals in your region.)

The Frame is designed to blend into the background, with various picture frame options and a dedicated Art Mode (for displaying classic artworks or photography) to help it look like any other painting or print on the wall, when you're not using it for television that is.

This is on the new 2021 iteration of Samsung's designer TV too, meaning you're getting a slimmer form factor, greater bezel customization options, a tripod TV stand, and even the option to place it on a wall-mounted shelf

Today's best Samsung Frame TV deal

Samsung The Frame 2021 75-inch 4K TV: £2,499 £2,199 at Currys

Samsung The Frame 2021 75-inch 4K TV: £2,499 £2,199 at Currys
Save a whopping £300 on this massive 75-inch model of Samsung's The Frame TV. With Art Mode for displaying artworks and photography, customizable bezels, and a QLED display, this is a TV for those who think form should match the picture. Includes HDR10+ too.

Samsung The Frame packs in support for 4K resolution at most sizes (certainly this one), as well as the dynamic HDR10+ format favored by Samsung. The set's edge lighting means you're not getting as effective a picture as that of the QN95A or QN900A, but the exterior at least should leave you satisfied.

There’s a number of different coloring options for the frame around the display, too: white, black, brown, beige, burgundy red, and clay beige. You will, however, need to buy these accessories separately, so keep a look out on Currys to add them before you fulfill your purchase (or go without – whatever you want!).

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