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Get a 500GB Samsung Evo SSD for less than $60 in this fantastic deal

Samsung's Evo SSDs remain our pick for the best budget SSD, and for good reason. They perform really well, and the price is right even on higher capacity models. We always see big discounts on them for holiday periods like Black Friday, for example. And now, the 500GB drive is under $60, within $2 of its lowest ever price, which is still a great deal. 

In our list of the best SSDs, we praised the 860 Evo for improvements over its predecessor, and called out its balance of performance vs affordability. If you're looking for an entry-level SSD to see what the difference is like, spending $59.99 is pretty low risk.

Samsung 860 Evo 500GB SATA SSD: $109.99 $59.99
Get a massive 45% off this fantastic SATA solid state drive, which also happens to be our best budget SSD. You might want storage if you're a PC player into blockbuster games, but if you just want an upgrade from a HDD, this is a good starting point. View Deal

Now, if you're into video editing or playing heavy duty games, you might want to look at higher capacity drives. We saw these discounted over the Black Friday period, and while they're currently out of stock, we'll hopefully to see the 860 Evo take heavy discounts again in the near-future if you'd prefer a 1TB or 2TB drive. 

Not based in the US? Check out the chart below for discounts on the Samsung 860 Evo where you are.